The Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology

Six Sigma Fitness™ is a Health and Fitness - Business and Scientific Methodology Framework integrated into a Cloud based Client Management and Assessment System served up on a Cloud based Technology platform to manage, centralize and analyze health and fitness data for your clients using Artificial Intelligence.

"In the many years of training professional and collegiate weight class athletes in weight-lifting, combat sports like Wrestling and MMA, Figure competition and general lifestyle clients, we forged the most competitive, leanest and best conditioned bodies in the world over and over again month after month, year after year. We have optimized this process!"

- Six Sigma Fitness

The Path TO Career Success

The path to career success isn't through more social media. Industry research suggests that 80%+ of a health practice client base is grown through referrals. You get referrals when your clients get results. If you aren't using a scientifically valid methodology and technology to support your practice you won't be able get the results and scale to compete with those who are...

By simply organizing the evaluation process and using well established norms and standards that most trainers and coaches have already been taught to use, we can increase the level of service you provide to clients and athletes across the board.  In addition, by actually documenting and analyzing client data using scientifically valid methods and algorithms you will see greater results and increased client retention.  Your business will be more professional, technical and goal driven.

Technology Platform

Driven by a world class cloud based database platform, the Six Sigma Fitness™ technology couples a simple user interface with some of the most highly used assessments and testing in the health and fitness industry.


You perform the assessment, evaluate the results and enter them into the online platform from your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. The system uses artificial intelligence to perform all the heavy scientific calculations and provides actionable results in a report that can be emailed to the Practitioner and the Clients if you choose. 

“Everything is on schedule if not ahead! Thank you for being here for me covering every angle of every question I had! ”

Henry Corrales - Bellator Fighter

World Class Coaching Methodology

We use the Six Sigma internationally accepted DMAIC framework for problem diagnostics and solution optimization  

Access to SSF Cloud Platform 

Exclusive easy to use cloud based  technology puts client data at your fingertips from anywhere in the gym or in the office or the clients' home.

Proprietary Assessment Systems

Our systems are an integration of best in practice scientifically supported methodologies coupled with our core RATDP assessment to make the client cycle clear and the path to success insured.

Professional Health Practitioner Status

Six Sigma Fitness™ Certified Practitioner

This isn't just another coaching or training certification. This is the start of a modular scientifically valid methodology that conveys "Practitioner" status to your business.

Six Sigma Fitness Certified Practitioner

By bringing medical grade science, technology and tools into your programs you are seen as a Health Practitioner not just another coach, trainer or instructor. Using the entire Six Sigma Fitness™ framework of scientifically validated methodologies and coupling it with our economic business model you become a standalone practice for health, lifestyle and weight management. Working as a science technician you will have the tools to market and provide solutions through our system that will allow you to develop an ongoing clientele willing to pay premium prices for what is a health service not just another training program. 

Proven Methodology

Six Sigma is a proven billion dollar solution based framework used throughout the world in all sectors from business to health care.

Cloud Based Access

Our cloud based platform is fast, secure and user friendly. The web app makes updates and feature enhancements quick and painless for the user.  

3rd Party Integration

Consultation services available regarding integration with 3rd party tools like Trainerize, Google Docs, CRMs...  

What is the Six Sigma Fitness™ Certification?

A deep understanding of a macro training framework, assessment diagnostics, recommending effective protocols and the authority to practice it, and the ability to turn what you know into results.

The Six Sigma Fitness™ Level 1 Certification will teach you all that, including the methodology we’ve tested, refined, and proven with hundreds of coaching clients.

Scientifically Based Program Methodology Framework

The Six Sigma Fitness™ methodology is where science meets the road...

Imagine if you had all your assessments, screens, tests and surveys for your clients in one place. In addition what if all the complicated science, the formulas and the algorithms on how to put the data all together just happened with a push of a button? All the scientific concepts… all the experience… all the practical “how-to” stuff… all in one place.

If you had a trusted source of education… a proven system… and real-life advice to help guide your professional development.

If your training framework was agnostic to the process but scientifically valid and backed up by real research and best in practice methods used by all the top level certifications and universities.

And if, at the end of the process, you had a system (like Six Sigma Fitness™) to deliver the results and the recommended protocols you just learned, so you can grow your practice while working less and getting better results.

That’s what The Six Sigma Fitness™ Level 1 Certification is here for.

In addition to learning how coaching and personal training really works and is applied in the live environment and not just in the classroom, you’ll understand what the results mean, how to program most effectively and how to turn that into a thriving business practice.

This means you’ll get better results, attract more clients and patients, keep them for longer, and make more money than you thought possible.

Whether you’re:

  • just starting out in the field of health, fitness, or wellness;
  • an established professional in the middle of your career;
  • passionate about health and considering a career change;
  • working with people one-on-one or in a group setting; or
  • wanting to deepen your knowledge of assessments and programming…

… you can become Six Sigma Fitness™ Certified.

$1499 for Level 1 Certification and Business Model

1-20 clients $39/Mo, 21-50 clients $99/Mo and 51-99 clients $149/Mo

Calipers or Ultrasound sold or leased separately


What they say about our System

Best cut yet, never felt faster and stronger!.

Mike De La Torre

UFC Fighter

Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

Great coach. 3 off! Gonna do it tomorrow.
Thank you for all your help this camp and for today.
Really helped a lot coach

Coach Eddie Cha

Head Striking Coach - The MMA LAB

​​​​Get started and catapult your professional image today!

Upgrade your skills, your tools and your results and rise above the crowd. 

About the Platform

Client Centric

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    The entire system revolves around your client profile much like a traditional CRM
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    Each active user has a profile setup with important data such as age, email, phone, Group and athletic background...

Screen, Assess, Test and Survey 

Framework Organization

Our platform follows our framework organizing all evaluations into Screens, Assessments, Tests or Surveys giving you a method by which to apply your programs. 

Each Methodology Follows the Six Sigma DMAIC Framework for problem identification and resolution.

Automated Reports

This is why customers love our product.

We are truly an entire solution to managing the client life cycle

The Edge 

Coaches and Trainers are constantly looking for the edge that will help them get results because it is results that creates referrals, the lifeblood of the industry. Secondarily, health and fitness professionals need tools to assist them in leveling up their careers just like any other professional in the 21st century. You need a 21st century toolbox. Like all other health professionals, we need to rely on science and technology for diagnostics, prescriptions or protocols and focus on client/athlete/patient treatment, be it physical movement, nutrition, supplement or lifestyle habit changes.

To sell you need differentiation, to get results you need a system and to retain clients you need to deliver a special experience. Six Sigma Fitness is an entire client management solution in a box! 

Scholar Warrior

Six Sigma Fitness


About the ​Author

Hi, I’m Dean.

The sum total of a career in Self-Defense, Health, Fitness and Science. I knew I had to find a solution to the huge amount of time and effort it took to apply the sciences all our education and certifications taught us.

Over a decade later the result is the Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology Framework. Developed by a Physiologist and tested hundreds of times on real clients and athletes.

Get started now!

You can try and slug it out with every health and fitness coach that is perceived to be just like you or you can pull away from the pack this year and distinguish yourself as a certified health practitioner.




You are fully protected by our 100% Support-Guarantee.

We will provide online and phone support every step of the way making sure you have access to our instructors and support team after the certification so you aren't implementing on your own. Our seasoned staff has successfully implemented the SSF systems and will support your needs to insure your success.


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