The Scholar Warrior

Welcome to the The Six Sigma Fitness™ Scholar Warrior Program.  By tradition an invite only program, The Scholar Warrior journey is a life changing experience.  It is an intersection of both traditional and modern concepts, philosophies and sciences of health, wellness, fitness and human performance.  It is a guided path allowing you to express yourself to your fullest and build confidence and pride in all aspects physical, mental and spiritual.  It will define you as a special individual willing to face weakness, take on challenges and endure the difficulties of change and self cultivation.

The Chinese have an ancient concept known as the Tao which is represented by an image of a person walking a path. This “Path” represents the journey one takes of continuous self improvement to become the best version of yourself possible.  The Tao or Path is synonymous with the Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology.

The Path - Tao to Dao

That being said, every culture from the Far East to the Middle East, from Europe to the Americas had their concept of a Scholar Warrior; a person who used their ability to learn and apply both strategies of war and survival as well as optimal health and fitness on and off the battlefield for the greater good of countrymen and mankind.  This was a special person possessing divine spiritual capacity, a physicality for adaptation and survival and an intellectual ability to learn and apply on a universal scale.  This was a person willing to live by a code of ethics and honor that guided his or her Path.

From the Romans Gladiators of Italy, the Spartans of Greece, the English Knights of the Round Table, The Druids of Scotland or the Native American Indians, they all had a concept of a Scholar Warrior.  The Japanese had the Samurai Warrior and the Ronin,  Thailand their Muay Thai fighters and other far-away cultures like the ancient Hebrews in the land of Israel or more modern Habbani Jews of Southern Yemen known for their wisdom, weaponry and warrior spirit.

All these great warriors had common philosophies or codes of honor such as the Samurai.  The Samurai code was called Bushido and consisted of 8 main rules,  guided by the ideas of Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Sincerity, Honor, Loyalty and Self-Control.  All foundational premises of a Scholar Warrior.

Starting as early as the 1046 BCE with the Zhou Dynasty, the Chinese emperors created a special title for men and women who could master the path to both the academic and military arts.  Knowledge of history, music, painting, poetry, math, sciences and medicine along with swordsmanship, horsemanship, archery, martial arts and combat strategy was the path of a Scholarly and Military Complete Talent or what became known as a Scholar Warrior.  Emperors bestowed this title after many years of training and several days of testing insuring only the best qualified individuals became Scholar Warriors.

Both systems and lifestyles were born from military and scholar warriors that the Kings and Emperors sought and recruited for sport, entertainment and defense or academic, political and economic advisement.

With the introduction of the gun into Asia and and modern weaponry throughout Europe during the post World War II period, the Chinese as well as other cultures came to realize that hand to hand combat in war was becoming irrelevant and the concept of The Scholar Warrior had to change to include athletic endeavors embodying the concept of martial arts and martial conditioning as a way of establishing both discipline and health. The modern version of the concept was redefined to become the path to health, discipline and self-cultivation.

Meanwhile, in less modernized societies like the Middle east, hand to hand physical combat was still alive but fast forward to the 21st century and it too is disappearing even in 3rd world countries in favor of modern day weaponry.  With the advent of modern communication and now digital dissemination of information, many modern day health and fitness regimens and fighting styles have become updated in Europe, Russia and the Middle East during the 19th and 20th centuries.  Drawing upon a foundation of ancient and highly refined academic, military and physical arts, the Western World has modernized the concept of the Scholar Warrior.

Our battlefields are now towns and neighborhoods in cities and countries all around us and include everything from religious jihad, to gangland activities and violence that plagues modern society.  Our knowledge bases have also become more local and accessible though. Our academics come from time honored universities where most science and discoveries are now made.  Our spirit and inner peace is found not only in our religious beliefs but in our philosophy of mankind and the pursuit of knowledge and intelligence not just in our world but in our universe and beyond.  The job of the Scholar Warrior has become more complicated at both ends of the extreme.

As such, The Path of the modern Scholar Warrior has evolved to include not only health and fitness but academics, professional career, personal relationships and individual character, as well as appreciation and practical application of the creative and physical arts.  Although this includes martial arts and the ability to defend yourself through modern combat science it also includes strategic avoidance of conflict whenever and wherever possible.  With either choice, it takes a sound mind and body to accomplish the task.

The Six Sigma Fitness™ Scholar Warrior Program involves a multilevel curriculum and associated testing and performance standards necessary to meet an increasingly higher levels of proficiency and mastery of skills required to earn the modern day title equivalent of The Scholar Warrior.  This Path includes the health and wellness of your mind, body and spirit.

The Scholar Warrior Program uses The Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology as a framework for collecting and tracking data to help determine your progress on the “Scholar Warrior Path” to health, wellness and mental and physical performance.  This assessment and feedback mechanism allows the practitioner to help direct and customize programming to assist the student to find his or her way on the Path.  Six Sigma Fitness™ is all about collecting data and responding to that data to move along the “Path”.

What you eat, how you exercise, how you rest, how you stress and how you treat your body have equal importance and impact on how you think, what you believe and how you react and contribute to all personal and professional aspects of your life.  Living the life of The Scholar Warrior means a lifetime of striving to be better at all aspects of being human.

The path of the Scholar Warrior is one of self awareness, universal knowledge and self-cultivation.  Six Sigma Fitness™ helps the student learn and close the gaps in their knowledge base required to fulfill their potential.

The Scholar Warrior Path is a measurable system of goals and objectives that the student strives to move through and beyond.  It is an achievement system signified by a colored Scholar Warrior symbol that is awarded at each level as the student completes their knowledge training and passes their level test much like any academic, physical or combat art would use to designate and award knowledge proficiency.

In many ways each colored level achieved will be the equivalent and more likely exceed the similar path a student would take to achieve a Black Belt in any one of several martial arts taught around the globe.  The Scholar Warrior strives to encompass a wider body of knowledge that more closely resembles the life and training of a full-time student in a traditional school of martial lifestyle and conditioning utilizing modernized methods and technology.

These methods include assessments, tests and surveys along with education in physical movement using a multidimensional tools set including movement, self-defense, environmental awareness training and character and moral value development that stems from a bi-product of high intensity activities and martial training.

The Scholar Warrior programming consists of a three prong approach; strength and conditioning, development of martial technique and the improvement of mental fortitude.

First we develop the body with a curriculum of  gymnastic body-weight movements, rings and hanging bars, weightlifting with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls and other weighted objects as well as metabolic conditioning through running, rowing, climbing, jumping, jump roping and other strength and conditioning movements.

Next we integrate a foundation of the traditional 20th century martial arts combining the best in class of several self defense systems, including Asian arts such as Muay Thai, Kung Fu, and Karate along with Western Boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and grappling,  allowing you to further hone the applied functionality of your strength and conditioning.

Lastly we train the mind using stress adaptation techniques for central nervous system performance and to enhance neuromuscular signaling,  thus developing muscle memory or engrams, daily disciplined habits, environmental awareness and acute judgement systems allowing you to apply what you learn in the Scholar Warrior Program to all facets of your life.

Coupled with training in pre and post workout nutrition, nutrition habits for optimal weight management and mental performance as well as the reduction of health risk markers for disease and mortality, the whole human system can begin to be addressed.

Lastly the student learns to layer in lifestyle behavior pattern changes that promote energy, vitality and focus to embrace the philosophical concepts of being a Scholar Warrior and allow personal and career performance to begin to be optimized for each individual in their own way.

The only program of its kind, The Scholar Warrior is the measurable result of the Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology.

The curriculum of The Scholar Warrior includes;

  • Health Awareness
  • Fitness Education and Training
  • Self Defense
  • Mental and Physical Performance Optimization
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Leadership Skills

Upon successful completion of each level requirements the student earns a new colored symbol that represents their progression on The Scholar Warrior journey to optimize all aspects of their human performance.  Each symbol is intended to be placed on a shirt to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments and can be digitized into several different representations for use in multiple medias.

The Scholar Warrior Belt Level Testing



Level 1 – Black on White Background

Level 2 – Black on White Background

The Scholar Warrior White

Level 3 – Black/Green on White Background

Level 4 – Black/Green on White Background

Level 5 – Black/Blue on White Background

Level 6 – Black/Blue on White Background

The Scholar Warrior Blue

Level 7 – Black/Red on White Background – Instructor Trainer

Level 8 – White on Black Background – Assistant Instructor – Jr. Operating Partner


Level 9 – Green on Black Background – Instructor – Operating Partner


Level 10 – Blue on Black Background – Advanced Instructor – Sr. Operating Partner


Level 11 – Red on Black Background – Head Instructor


Level 12 – Gold on Black Background  – Master Instructor