Top Ten Reasons To Have A Coach

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Top TenAlright, this topic is overdone.  So why do we want to mention for the millionth time why you should have a personal trainer?  Because you know what the right path is, but you have not made the move yet.  How do we know?  The odds are with us unfortunately, that you are not exercising regularly even though you may have joined lots of gyms. You seem to get bored with your personal training routines and decide to opt-out after 2-8 weeks on average.  So let’s see if we can come up with some good reasons why you should be doing personal training in Tempe or at our Midtown location utilizing our coaches to guide you through your efforts.

I use the term coach most of the time because we coach classes and the whole one-on-one personal training has become a luxury of the past for most people.  Coaches help you to learn and perform and get the most out of your performance.  The term “Personal Trainers” conjures up a memory of somebody watching CNN on the TV and watching the clock while you ride the bike and tell him about your friend who lost all kinds of weight eating only grapefruits.  So we use the term coach but for the purposes of this article you may find the terms interchangeable.

1.    Have you visited your local gym and been totally confused on where to start and how to use the machines?  You likely just went to the treadmill where you felt comfortable and jogged or walked for 10-15 minutes, roamed around a little and left.  You need a personal trainer

2.    Do you rise up on your toes when you squat?  Go ahead, try it, I’ll wait… or do you push through the heels activating the entire posterior chain?  Do you even know what the heck we are talking about?  If not, you need a personal trainer.

3.    Are you working those biceps hard?  Seeing some gains in arm size?  Seeing no gains in shrinking your waist size?  You need a personal trainer.

4.    You like to work the chest and arms, but you hate working the legs and core.  The Chinese say, what you don’t like is what you need.  You need a personal trainer.

5.    Have you ever done a pull-up?  Can you do one now?  Been using the Graviton at the gym and still can’t do a pull-up?  Everyone can do a pull-up if you are trained properly.  You need a personal trainer.

6.    You are squatting 300 pounds, but you never come down lower than 45 degrees.  Then you are not squatting 300 pounds, you are moving 300 pounds very little distance.  Let’s not even discuss this.  You need a personal trainer.

7.    Have you been doing core training?  Can you hang from a bar and bring your feet straight up so your toes touch the bar?  If not your core training is not working.  You need a personal trainer.

8.    Have you been doing functional training?  When was the last time you did a heavy deadlift or push press overhead?  Can you squat down so your butt hits your calves like you see the local tribes people do on all those documentaries you watch about indigenous people of the Amazon?  When was the last time you did these exercises for moderately heavy reps of 21?  If you are not picking things off of the floor, putting them overhead and squatting down then you are not doing functional training.  It doesn’t get any more functional than that.  You need a personal trainer.

9.    Do you know that your best window of opportunity to eat carbohydrates and protein is within 30-60 minutes post workout?  Do you know why and if you miss this opportunity you will likely not comeback as fully charged in your next workout?  Do you know why the calories on the label do not reflect the actual calories you digest and that some should not be counted?  Do you know that just because the label says that it has no trans fats that it still may actually contain trans fats?  The list just goes on and on… if you don’t know these things, you need a personal trainer.

10.    Alright there is all the other good stuff like accountability, guidance, support… yada, yada, yada… but we know that most people are not getting results.  There are 40 million gym memberships in this country and obesity and disease just keeps rising.  The system is broke and it just does not work.  Our system works because we use science and experience and it is fun.  We don’t expect you to have an expertise in either of these two areas and we know that very few people know how to create an addictive game out of their workouts.  Well we do.  You do what you do best and we do what we do best.  We use Six Sigma Fitness™ methodologies, which means we have one of the best systems on earth, but how do you start it?  We can teach you a focused step by step approach to learning the Six Sigma Fitness™ system and scale the program to your needs and abilities.  But to do this, let’s say it again… you need a personal trainer.

Call us to inquire about your training program today.  We will point you to the best way to become a Six Sigma Fitness™ client.   Don’t wait because none of the reasons above are changing anytime soon and neither will you if you contact us.

A graduate of Loyola University and MBA from The University of Chicago.
Pre-med LSU and post graduate at A.T. Still University.

His love of technology started right out of school. As a new hire for Arthur Andersen's Consulting group, the largest accounting and consulting firm in the world at that time, he led the first implementation of one of the very first IBM and Apple personal computers ever used in the business environment quickly becoming the world wide expert in analytical implementation of personal computers for business. Eventually moving on to a widely successful leveraged buy-out and then returning to Arthur Andersen and becoming a Partner in the Chicago office, he specialized in health, fitness, nutritional and food businesses managing some of the largest strategic food industry restructuring deals at the time. As COO of a successful Midwest Venture Capital firm, he was responsible for the operational management and success of over 25 investments over 5 years yielding returns in excess of 1000%.

He served on the board of many businesses in the health and nutrition sector as well as the educational and certification industries, including the board of Nutrisystems and one of the largest licensing and certifying bodies in the US. He returned to school to increase his scientific and technical knowledge and launch an investment company targeting startups in the health and fitness sectors. During this time he became interested in digital marketing technology and became a certified strategic partner with Infusionsoft, providing digital marketing consultation and operational management for many industries including the health, fitness and hospitality service sectors. Having custom developed some of the very first website to CRM integrations, he completed over 50 digital marketing projects and developed one of the first website membership systems providing targeted content to clients based on funnel tagging and online behaviors. Having incubated and exited several fitness concepts, he noted a need for better digital marketing and client management systems as well as analytical tools for health practitioners to use to chart a scientifically valid path to achieving their goals and objectives leading him to develop the Six Sigma Fitness™️ methodology and technology app.

He is a founding member of Six Sigma Fitness LLC (SSF), an online science and technology company with multiple distribution channels. SSF is a Cloud based SaaS health technology and educational platform for Athlete Management and sub-clinical Health, Wellness and Fitness evaluations for the Health and Fitness industry. It is a health practitioner educational resource that certifies practitioners in the SSF proprietary methods and business processes. Additionally, he has created proprietary scientific algorithms, custom CRMs and integrated technologies using API integrations and behavioral logic for marketing and conversion strategies in the health sector as part of the SSF technology stack. This platform and technology has been adapted and customized for both a small muti-location mobile technology retail organization as well and B to B telcom provider.

A wrestler in high school and for a brief time in college until realizing the challenges of studying and playing sports at a high level while constantly having to cut weight, he decided to coach and master the challenges of health and fitness through weightlifting and martial arts while pursuing careers in consulting and eventually the venture capital and private equity business specializing in food and nutrition industries.

He is a multiple blackbelt having studied martial arts for over 30 years including kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Krav Maga, Kenpo Karate, Kung Fu, Northern (Longfist) and Southern Shaolin (Hung Gar Tiger and Crane), Tai Chi, Qigong, Traditional Weapons and Chinese philosophical studies including Taoism, internal arts and energy systems from an Eastern medicine perspective.

He has had the good fortune to train with and or under the direct lineage of some of the greatest martial artists in the world including Master Ed Parker, Master Jinheng Li, Kru Pol and Master Eddie Cha.

He is also the author of the Six Sigma Fitness™ Scholar Warrior Program which brings together the Eastern and Western sciences as well as the training of both traditional strength and conditioning with martial arts programming.

He is currently the Research Physiologist with UltraFit Systems, Physiologist/Consultant to many professional athletes specializing in combat sports, weight cutting and physiological adaptation and performance. He authored and developed The Scholar Warrior Program for Six Sigma Fitness™ and The Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology.

Past certifications include Six Sigma Fitness™ Certified Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.), CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition, Poliquin Biosignature, Poliquin PICP, BioForce HRV, BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach adding to an extensive academic background.

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